Eco-friendly hive products
This start-up sustainable business specialises in producing natural and environmentally friendly hive products.


The product must be as sustainable and locally sourced as possible. This must also be reflected in the brand, lowering the overall carbon footprint.

The ultimate goal for the client is to get a foot-in-the-door at one of the leading stores across the UK.


As the brand is environmentally conscious, we were very considerate of the materials that were being used throughout the process.

Partnering with the client, we agreed the packaging would be 100% recyclable. This gave the product a more natural feel which influenced the direction of the creative going forward.

I have lost count of the number of compliments we get about our product packaging which absolutely embodies and resonates with our ethos and brand values – great company to work with!

Elisabeth Barton | Owner
natural gift pack

Gift Pack

Plastic free and environmentally friendly gifting whilst spreading the bee love. Learn more about the products.

Natural products


Everything you need to remedy, revive and restore much loved wood and leather items

create your own natural beeswax wrap

Make your own

The perfect gift for those looking for something different or a great self gift for anyone looking for a fun activity crafting eco friendly and practical products.

Natural beeswax wraps

Bees Waxwraps

Helping with banishing the cling film, zeroing the plastic and reducing the single use plastic footprint


They have been making waves in the sector, especially with the Beevitalise® range. They already have the products in various farm shops and outlets across the south of the UK.

Oakdale Bees continues to increase its presence in the sustainable market having now got bases in Berkshire and Yorkshire.