How do you learn?

What is VAK?

We all have different ways of storing information. VAK as it is commonly known, categorises these learning styles. As individuals we all think differently, naturally we all learn differently. You may already have a pretty good idea of what your primary style of learning is, as it manifests at quite an early age. This would be how you respond to a problem or challenge.

  • Visual – If you are a visual learner you will primarily learn better from seeing or visualising internally.
  • Auditory – Much the same as visual learning, substituting your eyes for your ears.
  • Kinesthetic – This learning style relies more on movement and the physical sense of touch. This style is suited to people who learn by doing.

Why is it important to know?

It is always great to get an insight into how our minds work. Anything that makes learning easier can benefit you and others. For example when training or managing people, wouldn’t it be better to understand how those people think? Determining how someone retains information will enable you to adjust your teaching, helping them better understand the information you are presenting. Ultimately becoming a more effective teacher.

In a nutshell, a learning style is how a person learns and absorbs information the best. We’re all different and have different abilities, so it makes sense that we don’t all learn in the same way.

Kim Lupton | Youth Employment UK

Learn your way

This model has been widely adopted as a teaching and training method. It does have its limitations and not everyone will perfectly fit into one of the VAK categories. In reality we learn using a mixture of these learning styles. The preference of style is determined by the individual being taught. We are naturally drawn to a specific category, over the others. This will likely be your primary learning style.


The 3 Different Ways People Learn (VAK Model)

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