Bite-sized Ventures

Though modest in scale, these projects are still packed with value.


Surepaws, a doggy daycare startup, has a commitment to delivering top-notch care for furry companions. Their unwavering passion became evident as we delved into discussions about their brand objectives. In collaboration, we embarked on crafting a brand that authentically captured their vitality and determination.

Equipping Surepaws for a bold entry into the business arena, we delivered a comprehensive suite of assets. The wordmark accents provided a strong foundation for the graphic language. This brand not only propels them into the realm of pet care but also establishes a robust framework, enabling for evolution as they continue to expand.

Thornham Lake

Welcome to Thornham Fishing Lake, a redefined look for a scenic holiday destination in the Norfolk countryside. We underwent a transformative rebranding, enhancing the overall feel and captivating the essence of the small retreat.

The emphasis was on revitalising the brand while preserving its heritage. This approach aimed to retain the existing clientele while also attracting attention from new customers.

Working together with the client we carefully updated each asset, whilst also adding in some new graphic language. The brand is now consistent and has a flexible suite of assets that will allow it to grow gradually overtime.

Vegan Running

The client is developing this website in response to a gap observed in the online information landscape. When searching for “Vegan Running Shoes” on search engines, the results mainly comprise blog posts from various publications. While these posts provide valuable insights, they offer only a limited perspective on the available options, focusing primarily on current models.

Recognising the need for a more comprehensive resource, the aim is to create an in-depth database that catalogues all vegan running shoes across diverse brands. This platform will evolve over time to include not only the latest releases but also discontinued models, potentially available at significantly reduced prices—a facet often overlooked in blog posts.

If the initial phase proves successful, the plan is to expand the website to encompass additional sections, such as nutrition, clothing, news, and more, creating a holistic hub for vegan runners and enthusiasts.

Collaborating closely with the client, we worked together to bring life to their vision. Our support involved providing them with the necessary assets to develop an initial website, serving as a powerful tool for securing investments and effectively presenting the concept to the community.

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Building a memorable brand involves a combination of visual identity, consistent messaging, emotional connection, storytelling, and exceptional customer experiences.

The key insight here is that brand-building is an ongoing journey, and laying a solid foundation is absolutely essential. When you can craft an experience that not only captures attention but also lodges itself firmly in the hearts and minds of your customers, you’ve uncovered a potentially winning formula.

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With my background in Fine Art, I am a skilled illustrator and a creative thinker, transferring my creativity to provide new and imaginative ways to solve complex problems.

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